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Ernest Sports ES12 Portable Launch Monitor

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The Ernest Sports ES12 portable launch monitor tracks your ball speed and is the perfect accessory to upgrade your range sessions.

The ES12 has a sensor that measures your ball speed and then calculates to get your distance. Once you have downloaded the iPhone app, your ES12 will send ball speed, distance and club information right to your iPhone.

A great feature of the ES12 is that it can help you get average club distances. This is especially useful data that you can take to the course to help you make the proper club selection.

The top of the ES12 has a digital readout that shows the club selected, and to change the club simply press the club selection button on the front of the ES12.

To help measure your progress, the ES12 tracks your range sessions letting you view your ball speed and distances over time.

The ES12 is powered by a 9 volt battery.

Size 6.6" Height
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