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Arccos 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

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Arccos 360 combines Live Shot Tracking, GPS 2.0 and a proprietary Tour Analytics platform to assist golfers of all abilities lower their scores and have more fun.

Boasting new sensors that are 50% smaller and lighter than the first generation Arccos system, Arccos 360 automatically records every shot a golfer makes. It then analyzes a player’s data in real-time, revealing strengths and weaknesses to enhance on-course decision-making.

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, Arccos also provides an industry-leading GPS 2.0 system that includes rangefinder distances to any point on 40,000 courses and one-touch, front/middle/back yardages to the green.

Additional features of Arccos 360:

  • New software that increases accuracy by up to 90%

  • Permanent battery that’s guaranteed for a minimum of two years with no charging

  • Fully-automatic, hands-free system with no tagging or extra devices

  • Detailed insights into historical performance for every club and round

  • Web dashboard to fully analyze stats with your coach or on your own

MSRP $249.99 

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